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Today, with a multitude of computers connected to the Internet, tons of friends sending emails, some of them without purpose and loaded with unreliable content, the first thing that you should do is install a good antivirus on your PC, and BitDefender Antivirus 2012 can be a great solution.

You’re probably familiar with one of the variants to this giant in the field of antivirus software. BitDefender Antivirus Plus is the smaller brother of the saga of three solutions offered by BitDefender, but this doesn’t make it any less powerful or useful. In fact, many users prefer this solution because it doesn’t include some of the options included in the other two that are hardly ever used but affect the performance of both the antivirus and the computer.

If there’s anything that makes BidDefender stand out, it is its effectiveness when it finds and destroys any kind of malware, its large database and analytical system, and, of course, its small influence on the development and performance of your PC. That is, this antivirus will maintain your system free from problems, and you won’t see your PC slowdown, which is simply exceptional.

The interface and steps to protecting your PC are very easy. Without showy graphics or actions, it will automatically protect the content you wish to download from emails, web browsing, files imported from a USB, etc.

BidDefender offers advanced protection against all kinds of virus and malware, it uses robust search engines certified by ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin, and CheckMark.

Trial version limited to 30 days of use.

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